Harper Review Slams Current Supermarket Competition Laws


If Harper Review Reforms are Made Small Business Can Fight Back Against Coles and Woolies. Small business may be seeing the beginnings of a long-awaited breakthrough, as a landmark review of competition law is launched. Among the suggestions, including deregulation of pharmacies and taxis, longer retail hours and a shake-up of the consumer watchdog – […]

Get The Goss…


On The Best Fresh Produce Before You Step Into The Shop. Get daily updates about fresh fruit and veggies as they come into Sydney Markets and make your shopping a breeze! Simply visit the Your Local Greengrocer website by clicking here and then click the Community tab – you’ll find a little button on the […]

Filled With More Than Just Fruit


Campbelltown Greengrocer has Impressive Range of Products and Services. The name of this store suggests that there’s only a focus on fruit but that’s far from the truth – Filled with Fruit at Campbelltown has so much more to offer! A family operated and owned business; Filled with Fruit has been serving their community for […]

The Good Type Of Fat


Avocado – Your Heart Will Love You for It! With their distinctive flavour and buttery texture, avocados are a very unique fruit that have gained a popular following among food lovers. Putting the flavour of an avocado into words is a tad difficult – it’s creamy, nutty, fresh and green all at once! There are […]

Leaders In The Field


The Moraitis Group – An Example of Excellence in the Fresh Produce Industry. Recognised Australian-wide, the Moraitis Group has been called the nation’s largest vertically integrated fruit and vegetable ‘grower-aggregator’. With a legacy of unsurpassed service and excellence in all of their operations from growing, picking and packing to grading, and wholesaling; the Moraitis family […]

The Million Dollar Mango Is Drawn!


All the Fun of Our Best Promotion Yet. We’ve been harping on about it for the last few months but it finally happened! The Million Dollar Mango was drawn on September 3 at the early hour of 6 am at Sydney Markets and was broadcast live on Channel 9’s morning program the Today show. The […]

Happy & Healthy


Country Growers Are Passionate About Eating Right. Retailing since 1976, this family business knows what its doing. With a long history of sourcing the highest quality produce, Country Growers are dedicated to providing the tastiest, freshest food to their community. A quick visit to their website will inform you of their passion and expertise in […]

Have It Both Ways


The Tropical Treat That Works In Sweet and Savoury Dishes. Characterised by its vibrant colour and butter-like flesh, the papaya is a sumptuous fruit that also goes by the name ‘pawpaw’. Papaya can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes and is similar to most sweet-tasting fruits in the way it can be used […]

You Say Tomato…


Country Fruit Traders Pty Ltd. Spanning over three generations, Country Fruit Traders has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fresh produce wholesale trade. The family business has been shaped by the three men who run it, each bringing their own brand of expertise and specialist knowledge to the operation, making Country Growers what […]

Small Business Eats Into Major Supermarket Industry


Seeing A Growing Interest In Supermarket Alternatives. Greengrocers and other small businesses in the US have successfully taken a chunk back from the supermarket industry by harnessing e-commerce solutions. Australian independent suppliers can see this as a sign of hope, if the ‘underdogs’ of the produce trade in America (arguably the nation with the most […]