Honey Bee decline may not be because of pesticides alone


Last newsletter we posted a story discussing the use of a pesticide called Methyl Bromide on strawberry farming, we had a great response from our readers about that topic with questions being raised for the use of pesticides in other areas of farming, specifically the effects that pesticide use has on honey bees. After careful […]

Spinach, Eschalot & Walnut Spaghetti

Spinach, eschalot & wallnut spaghetti

Warm up this season with a fantastic pasta dish, healthy and full of flavour! This dish serves 4, so you can easily feed a small family with the serving portions provided in the recipe! The main ingredients in this meal are very easy to come by at your local greengrocer, and therefore can be whipped […]

What it’s like to be a greengrocer by Freska Fruita

Freska Fruita

This week we looked at a different side of where your produce comes from, and we thought why not get in touch with the most frequent point of contact, your local greengrocer! This week we interviewed a Your Local Greengrocer member located up in the ACT named Freska Fruita. We spoke with Cole who is […]

Express Fruit Service brings you fresh fruit quickly!

Exfs Express fruit

This week we will be looking into Express Fruit Service, a wholesaler with over 50 years of experience in bringing people fresh produce daily. Their expertise ranges all year round from summer tropical fruits to winter favourites. That means they have a great range of mangoes, lychee, raspberries and cherries during the summer and custard […]

Turnip the Veggies


If you want to try a healthy vegetable and feel like having something unusual, then why not try the famous turnip! A unique flavour packed in a tiny vegetable! Turnips come in all shapes and sizes; the most popular is a white and light purple combination of colours. These veggies don’t just sit around and […]

Warm up this Autumn with this hot dish!

Chilli and scallops

Autumn is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough time to make a delicious recipe for your family and friends using in season produce! This time we have a fantastic new recipe for you to try, bringing the colours and flavours of Asparagus and spicy Chillies, mixed in with a […]

Heath McInerney from Fresh Fellas


This week we are doing something different. This week we will be getting to a more personal level with people in your industry and showing you what’s behind the curtain from the different areas of produce! For our debut interview, we have Heath McInerney from Fresh Fellas, a wholesaler located in the heart of the […]

Norton St Grocer in Bondi Junction and Leichhartd

Norton St Grocer Blurred

With two locations; one in Leichhartd and the other in Bondi Junction, Norton St Grocer encompasses a range of shopping requirements for any shopping trip! Their large open space gives them ample room to not only hold the freshest produce, but also their specialty continental delicatessen. One of the striking features you will see when […]

All Seasons Fruit Market holding Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea drive

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

If you’re around or visiting the Bexley area this coming Saturday, head on down to All Seasons Fruit Market at 601 Forest Road, Bexley. They will be hosting an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea down at their location where you can come in and support this great cause! It will start at 9am and will have […]

Your Strawberries are safe to eat!


The issue was raised with us about the use of what is a worldwide banned Fumigant, on Strawberry farms in Australia, The concern from one of our readers was why is it that some Australian farms use Methyl Bromide for their farming activities, whilst it has been a subjected to worldwide ban by the United […]