Plenty of winners with our $100 weekly voucher competition, the next one could be you!

It may sound like we’re bagging on about these bags, but there’s a very good reason! Not only are they good for the environment, they might just be good for your wallet too! Find out how: We know there’s a lot to be excited for in 2016, and we think another thing you can add […]

How did you celebrate Australia day?

Australia day is a time for family and friends. Everyone gets together around a BBQ to relax, play some games and most importantly have a bite to eat! That’s where we came in- You see, at Your Local Greengrocer we know all about delicious, fresh produce. That’s why we know that throwing in some great […]

Recipe: Potato, dill, bacon and egg salad

This Australia Day, we presented this great salad at our backyard party- and it was a hit! Read on to find out how you can make the greens great at your next function: If your guests are the types of people less than excited by salad- they won’t be like that for long! This recipe […]

Wholesaler: Newfresh Australia

 This week we spoke to Philip from Newfresh Australia, he’s got quite the history working with the fresh produce you know and love. Click on to find out a little bit about him and Newfresh Australia: What do you specialise in? We specialise in a full berry range. That means if it’s a berry, we’ve […]

Greengrocer: Fruitezy

This week we looked at Fruitezy, a great supporter of the Your Local Greengrocer initiative. Learn a little about their history right here, and find out what makes them a fantastic greengrocer: Fruitezy was originally founded by Max Filipe in 2011 as a family owned and operated business in Sydney.  At that point Max already […]

Greengrocer: Kareela Grocer

This week we chatted with Paul from Kareela Grocer. Find out about his recent renovation, his shops new living wall and about the time he was run over by a forklift! What do you specialise in? We specialise in a wide range of fruit and veg, gourmet salads, chocolate dipped fruit, fresh yoghurt, continental groceries, […]

Nectarines, the delicious summer fruit

Today we’re talking a little bit about the humble nectarine, one of the most popular yellowish pieces of fruit. Find out all you need to know by reading on: The Nectarine is a member of the stone fruit family. From a scientific perspective the Peach and the Nectarine are the same species. Genetic studies suggest […]

Wholesaler: Arize Fruit Supply

Arize Fruit Supply is one of the bigger Wholesalers located in the Sydney Markets, find out their history by reading on: The origins of Arize Fruit Supply dates all the way back into the old markets in the city. Arize brings together the knowledge and experience of three generations of working in the Fresh Produce […]

Recipe: Strawberry and Almond Crumble

Don’t let your New Year resolutions crumble, leave that for the dessert! Read on to find out how you can make this tasty treat: We know that around Christmas time all of our dieting and good intentions for eating healthy go out the door, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Following this delicious […]

Welcome back from your break! We missed you, find out what you’ve missed by reading on:

We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and are as excited as us about the new year! Here’s a recap of what’s on the horizon for Your Local Greengrocer. We are bringing out our inner tech, which makes connecting with you (and giving out prizes) that much simpler! Soon you will be able to enter […]