Strawberries ricotta french toast sandwiches

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to the most ripe and fresh strawberries coming in from Australian farms for a few months, that means there’s only a small window left to pick them up at a great price and at a fantastic quality. Strawberries as you may know, are a delicious small treat that is […]

What’s been happening in Produce Alerts this week

  Our Produce Alert is a daily update on what’s happening in the busy world of the Sydney Markets, specifically looking at what fruits and vegetables may be rising or falling in price! These daily updates give you the opportunity to see inside the inner workings of the factors affecting the price of the produce […]

Have you ever wondered, Why Apollo?

  Apollo Fruit Supply is a wholesaler with high aspirations for the fresh produce industry. They have conducted their business since 1969, being named after the Apollo lunar missions that took place around that time.   Their success can be attributed to a number of factors; their superior quality produce, whereby they strive to get […]

Who is Banana Joe’s?


The Banana Joe’s story started in 1984, where they first founded their award winning store in the Marrickville area of Sydney. Since the very beginning, Banana Joe’s has played an instrumental part in the local community, supporting charities, nursing homes and schools in the area. One that they’re particularly proud of is an ongoing program […]

Why you as a customer matter so much to Australia’s Fresh Produce future

  From the farm; to the market; to the greengrocer; to the home, the concept sounds simple but how does the Market supply chain actually work and why is it so important for the Australian consumer to support its future?   The simple truth is this… Through a central market system there is competition at […]

All Seasons Produce

  Providing Fresh Produce to Your Local Greengrocer All Year Round!   All Seasons Produce is a family run business with over 30 years  experience working in the fresh produce industry. They have access to a large supply of different and sometimes exotic produce; they are highly regarded by Your Local Greengrocer’s when sourcing great […]

The Humble Tomato is a Powerhouse

  The Tomato, an Italian staple food can be a part of your next meal!   Now that it’s autumn, the ovens should be igniting and hearts and minds are leaning towards warmer meals. What could be better than bringing fresh tomatoes to the pantry? With their distinctive red colour, and bursting full of flavour, […]

Introducing the Fruit Box at Mortdale

Serving the community for more than 30 years!   For over 30 years Sonya Agostino and her family has brought the area around Mortdale simply the best fresh fruit and produce available.  The Agostino family name has a proud history in fruit and veggies. Opening in 1984 selling fresh fruit and vegetables, The Fruit Box […]

Love Them or Hate Them They’re In Season

St5 -- Feb2015

Brussels Sprouts – Which Are You a Lover Or A Hater?    Grown in every state of Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory, Brussels Sprouts have long been one of those vegetables people either love or hate. Whilst looking like a miniature cabbage the actual resemblance ends there!   They have a very […]

We’re Asking For Three Things

St1 - Feb2015

Please Sign Our Petition   The major supermarkets are hurting the Australian Fresh Produce Industry and we are one of the only voices calling for the change needed to protect it. We are asking for three things: 1. The protection of the Central Market supply process which is the fastest, freshest and fairest supply chain for farmers […]