Love Them or Hate Them They’re In Season

St5 -- Feb2015

Brussels Sprouts – Which Are You a Lover Or A Hater?    Grown in every state of Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory, Brussels Sprouts have long been one of those vegetables people either love or hate. Whilst looking like a miniature cabbage the actual resemblance ends there!   They have a very […]

We’re Asking For Three Things

St1 - Feb2015

Please Sign Our Petition   The major supermarkets are hurting the Australian Fresh Produce Industry and we are one of the only voices calling for the change needed to protect it. We are asking for three things: 1. The protection of the Central Market supply process which is the fastest, freshest and fairest supply chain for farmers […]

From the Farm to Your Local Greengrocer Everyday

St3 - Feb2015

JE Tipper – A Central Markets Wholesaler J E Tipper is a diverse, modern company and Australia’s premier tropical fruit marketer, managing lines including papaw, papaya, passionfruit, limes, bananas, lychees, longans and rambutans.  With a network of operations from Brisbane to Sydney, Tippers meets the stringent logistical needs of national customers. Established by John Tipper […]

Introducing Armidale Market Fresh


Regional Greengrocer Going All Out For Their Local Community   Phil & Maria Hewitt are proud to introduce their new and improved Green Grocer store which is now known as Armidale Market Fresh. They see their purpose is to provide customers with in season, Australian fruit and vegetables and delight them with their quality, value […]

Community Embracing Our “Your Local Greengrocer Campaign”


Shopping at Your Local Greengrocer is protecting the Australian Fresh Produce Industry. With the media attention and political support our “Why Shop At Your Local Greengrocer” Campaign has generated, many supporters have asked for more information. It is our claim that shopping at Your Local Greengrocer is shopping today for Australia’s tomorrow.     It […]

Sydney Markets Supplies Close To A Third Of All Australian Fresh Produce


The Central Market For NSW and Canberra is Vital to the Australian Fresh Produce Industry. Sydney Produce Market is the largest fresh fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Australia and one of the largest in the world. It caters primarily to professional buyers from greengrocers, restaurants and some larger supermarkets but is also open to […]

Contribute To Our Efforts – Buy A Tee Shirt


Fun “Break the Chain” Tee shirts a cool way to show you care. Many have asked how they can help. As you can imagine competing against the might of formidable competitors such as Coles and Woolworths is a challenge for the best of operators. Your Local Greengrocer is a marketing consortium of independent retailers, wholesale […]

Our Most Important Message Is To Enjoy The Fresh Produce From Your Local Greengrocer


Have you checked out our Cook With Us Segment? Chef Steve has produced 16 new recipes for the cook with us channel on our website. This time round he has been ably assisted by our very own foodie Meaghan. Together they share fun recipes in a way that makes cooking that little bit more interesting […]

It’s Grape Time!


Locally grown Aussie Grapes great eating. Australian Grapes are famous for their wines but also the wonderful variety and array of table grapes eaten as fruit. One of the world’s most versatile fruits the grape can be eaten fresh from the vine, but it can also be used for jam, jelly, juice, vinegar, raisins, grape […]

Why Choose Your Local Greengrocer


Australia Day this week witnessed us launching our newest and strongest campaign yet in our efforts to compete against the major supermarkets. We’re urging as many people as possible to make a conscious effort to seek out their local greengrocer when buying fruit and veggies. We’re working hard to make as many people as possible […]