Wholesaler: Charlie from Aussie Roma Fresh

aussie roma

This week we chatted with a wholesaler from Aussie Roma Fresh who goes by the name of Charlie. Let’s see what experience he’s gained working as a wholesaler for more than 20 years! Find out how he’s found the markets, and what drives him after the break!   1. What do you specialise in? Lebanese […]

Avocado, Spinach & Smoked Salmon salad

Avocado, Salmon recipe

How’s this for a healthy snack? Avocado, spinach and smoked salmon salad! Great choice if you’re getting that body ready for summer, or a fantastic lifestyle decision if you want to eat healthy and feel great! What makes this so healthy? Find all the information and how you need to cook this dish in the […]

Can you see a little better with Carrots?


Bugs Bunny loves them, rumours started about them improving eyesight during World War 2, and they’re how old? We’ll be looking at carrots in this newsletter, and seeing if we can find some interesting titbits about carrots that you might have not known! The first question you may have raised is “What’s all this about […]

Mr Spudley’s Vegie Patch

Spudley Staff Newsletter

Something that started as a late night brainstorming session exploded into a Shellharbour greengrocer full of smiles, great produce and friendly staff! Read on to find out how this family run store really opened up their hearts to the community and worked together to bring the best fresh produce to their customers. The history of […]

The Fruit Fly must be controlled

Fruit Fly

The Fruit Fly is a menace that needs to be controlled. It singlehandedly attacks any fresh fruit that it can get its hands on, rendering it unsellable and unfit for use. How does a simple fly do this, and how does it impact so much of the Australian fresh produce industry? Find out after the […]

How FreshTest is keeping your produce safe from harmful chemicals

FreshTest Image

Our feature article in this newsletter focuses on FreshTest, an intitiative that test the fresh produce that you eat to make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. FreshTest Australia conducts Maximum Residual Limit (MRL) chemical testing, heavy metal testing and microbiological testing on fruit and vegetables for wholesalers in the Central Markets and growers […]

Kumara (Sweet potato) soup, with Lemongrass, Chilli and Coconut

Kumara (Sweet potato) soup, with Lemongrass, Chilli and Coconut

If you’re hungry and want something easy and tasty, we recommend trying this sweet potato based soup! If you’ve been keeping a close eye on our recent newsletters, you’ll know that we are big supporters of the healthy sweet potato and the nutrients that it brings to any dish! Sweet potato nutrients are just one […]

Wholesaler: Harry Sun Pty Ltd

Harry Sun

This week we will be looking at a wholesaler located in the B shed of the Sydney Markets, under the name of Harry Sun Pty Ltd! Their standard is simple, “Quality is Sweet!” Founded originally by Harry Sun, the name has stood at the Flemington location for more than 40 years. In 2006 Harry Sun […]

See the strength in spinach!


There are two ways someone can be strong, they can go to a gym for a few years, or they can do what Popeye the Sailor Man did and eat some spinach to grow huge arms with muscles and save the day!* Winter is the perfect season for spinach, it grows really well in cold […]

David Polistina from Northmead Growers Market

Northmead Growers

This week we spoke with David Polistina from Northmead Growers Market about what it’s like being a greengrocer today, his inspirations, as well as the time a car literally crashed through his wall. 1. What do you specialise in? We specialise in fruit and veg, continental groceries, deli goods, cheese, olives, all condiments, frozen food […]